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Mass item change

Learn how to create a saved file of items to be changed and how to mass change the saved file in Amlib.

Create a saved file of items to be changed

  1. Launch the Amlib client
  2. Select Main > StockItems > StockitemWhere – the Stockitem Where Search screen will open
  3. Set the Where statement to search for the items you wish to change – for example: Form = BK
  4. Click the Paste button
  5. Click the F7 QtoFile button - this will open Stockitem Saved Query Results screen
  6. Click the F1 New button
  7. In the Details column type in a file name – for example: Form Codes BK Changes
  8. Click the F3 Save button
  9. Then click the F9 Select button – this will place all the stockitems into the file
  10. A pop-up will appear, telling you how many items were saved into the file
  11. Click on the OK button

Mass change the saved file

  1. From the Stockitem screen main menu, select File > DisplayFile
  2. The Stockitem Saved Query Results screen will open
  3. Highlight the Saved File created earlier and click the F9 Select button – this will display the items in a Stockitem List
  4. From the main menu, select Table > MassItemChange 
  5. The Mass Change of stock within a File screen will appear
  6. In box select the field you wish to change
  7. In box 2 type the new value for that field
  8. Click the Paste button – this display the setting change in the table

     Note: If changing a code you will only be able to enter pre-existing Codes. New codes must be setup in Stockitem prior to attempting the Mass Change. If an incorrect code is selected then a Select screen will appear, where you can then select a pre-existing code.

  9. Click the F3 Update button
  10. A Stockitem – Mass Item Update popup will appear, informing you how many items will be changed during the update:
  11. Click the Yes button to start the process
  12. The stockitems will then be changed