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Import items from a tab delimited file

Learn how to import items from a tab delimited file in Amlib.

Items in a specific format are able to be imported from a Tab delimited File. These items imported in this way do not have Catalogue records attached and so therefore would not be able to be Keyword searched. A catalogue record can be attached to these items once the import is complete.

  1. Create an excel file with the exact columns below, try to filling as many columns as possible to give you as much details that are useful such as an asset number if you have one.
  2. If you do not have any data for some of the columns, they can be left blank, except for the columns numbered 1,10,12,13, 15, 16 – these must have data.

    The file format is Tab Delimited and the 16 fields are as below:
    1. STK_ITEM_NO (barcode)
    3. STK_LINE1 (usually Title )
    4. STK_LINE2 (usually Author or Manufacturer)
    5. STK_LINE3 (usually Publisher or Description )
    6. STK_LINE4 (usually ISBN or Series or Serial Number )
    7. STK_LINE5 (usually Subject or Asset Tag)
    8. STK_LINE6 (usually Call no. )
    10. STK_OPAC_SHOW (Y or N)
    11. STK_VOLUME
    12. STK_FORM ( item form code )
    13. STK_FOR_LOAN (Y or N)
    15. STK_STATS_CODE ( item stats code )
    16. STK_OPER_ALERT (Y or N)
  3. If you have put headings on your first line in your Excel Spreadsheet, remove this line now and save as a Tab-delimited file (.txt) [by highlighting & selecting just the columns and rows where there is data].
  4. Save as a Text (Tab Delimited) File (*.txt) with the name of Item10.txt.
  5. This file needs to be saved on the server or where Amlib is installed in a folder called Data.
  6. If you do not have a folder called Data on the C:\ Drive [or server], you will need to add/create this folder and then save your text file in here.

 Note: Items can also be exported in this format (by using File > ExportItemDatatoDosFile) and imported – for example, from another Amlib database. If you are wanting to include a Floor Location contact Amlib support as at present this cannot be imported

Loading the item records from the tab delimited file into Stockitem

  1. Launch the Amlib Client
  2. Go to Main > StockItems> File > ImportItemDataFromDosFile
  3. The Item Data Open dialogue box will display where you can navigate to the Tab delimited file saved earlier [ in the :\Data folder ]
  4. You will need to adjust the File type to all types or .txt files, as it will only show .ist files at first if any.
  5. Once you select your text file, an Output File message will display
  6. Select OK
  7. The load will take place and a message will display to show the result of the import
  8. Check the number of Error records as the Data may need to be edited to load successfully, if it does not load correctly on the first attempt
  9. Note that the items loaded in this way DO NOT have Catalogues and cannot be searched as a Keyword search. A catalogue entry can be created for the item(s) using the Item > CreateCatalogue entry on the Item menu if desired.