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Send a report to PDF

Learn how to send a report to PDF in Amlib.

It is possible for Amlib reports to go to a PDF creator by setting up a Printer to be a PDF creator (for example using PDF creator or Adobe PDF. This enables an Amlib report to go to a File in PDF format to send off as required – for example via Email. It also allows a picture to be included (not possible in RTF format).

  1. Ensure a PDF Printer is set up on the PC, such as PDF creator (or similar PDF creator tool).
  2. In Printers and Devices check to see the there is a PDF Printer or PDF creator.

    PDFCreator button

     Note: It is usually possible to set some defaults through the PDF Creator – for example – always save a File to a certain directory and use Date/Time for File names.

    Options window
  3. Within Amlib reports, run the report as usual.
  4. Use the F6 Print button.
    Print window
  5. Select From Database (if Where parameters are set up).
  6. Select To Printer.
  7. Select the PDF Creator using the Browse button.
  8. The Printer Setup window will display.
  9. Highlight the PDF creator.
  10. Click OK.
    Printer Setup window
  11. The Printer name should display in the Selected Printer Field.
    Print window
  12. Click OK.
  13. From Reports/Application choose RepStartSchedule.
  14. Ensure the Scheduler is started with the Print option ticked.
    Report Scheduler window
  15. Click OK.
  16. Check the Reports > Application > RepPrintProgress.
    Print Progress window
  17. Once the Report goes from Waiting to Printed, the PDF document should be available to be viewed or further processed. If you do not have an auto-save feature for your PDF printer then you should be prompted with a save file box and you can select a location to save the PDF.
    PDF file