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Use percent to update budget

Learn how to transfer a budget amount for a previous year in Amlib.

Transferring Budget Amount from Previous Year

The values for budgets in progress may be created using the previous year’s Budget OR Actual values if available.

  1. Launch the Amlib client
  2. Navigate to Main > Finance > Budgets
  3. Within the Funds, Budgets Window – Create the Budget as usual for the current year
  4. After the Accounts have been chosen and the Account Group budget Creation & Maint. Window is displaying, the Percentage of last year’s Budget can be applied
  5. From the Options menu, choose Percent of, and select either Budget or Actual. This menu option will now be ticked

    Menu Option



    Percent of Actual

    Applies the selected percent to the amount actually spent in the last year

    Apply 110 to the $2000 spent will give a Budget this year of


    Percent of Budget

    Applies the selected percent to the amount Budgeted last year

    Apply 110 to the Budget amount of $2000 allocated last year to give a Budget amount of

    $2200 this Financial year

  6. Highlight the Account Group (or Account) on the Budget Table to be allocated the Budget for the current Financial Year
  7. Select Percent F2. The Modify window will displays
  8. Type the percentage required. For example Type. 110 for an increase of 10% press the OK button against each line that you wish to update.
  9. Click the Arrow Keys to move up and down the window behind the Modify Window.
  10. When you have finished Select the X button at the top right hand corner (this makes the Modify window disappear).
  11. Press Save F3 to save the budget. You are able to change the values until you Transfer the budget using [F7]. After this action any change to the budget is made via the Modify button on the yearly budgets summary window.