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Archive orders and invoices

Learn how to archive old orders and invoices in Amlib.

Arching old orders/invoices

The Orders system automatically retains all Orders and Invoices. However, it is possible to periodically delete (and archive) old Orders and Invoices.

Please Note: A completed Order is defined as having all Order Lines RECEIVED and INVOICED (or CANCELLED).

  1. Launch the Amlib client
  2. Go to Main > Orders > OrderHeader – the Order Header screen will display
  3. From the menu, select Orders > Order Archive – the Delete/Archive Orders screen will display:

    Please Note: It is possible to use Group Security to create separate Finance groups – if Group Security is in effect, then the user should ensure that the correct group is being deleted/archived!
  4. Enter the following details:
    1. Choose the Library Group: – for example: LIBRARY (defaults to the Group of the Login user)
    2. Enter date for completed Orders to be deleted up to: (in DD/MM/YYYY format) – for example: 31/12/2010 (this will delete all orders and invoices PRIOR to and including this date)
    3. Optionally select a file to archive the deleted invoices: (this allows you to archive the invoices being deleted)
      1. Click mouse in empty field – the Save As... button will become active
      2. Click the Save As... button – the Order Archive – Save As screen will display:
      3. Navigate to the folder in which you wish to save the archive file
      4. Type in a File name: and click on the Save button
    4. Press the F3 Start button to start the Delete/Archive Process:
    5. A prompt with the following prompt will display: Delete All completed Orders up to DD/MM/YYYY ?
    6. Click the Yes button – a prompt with the following message will display: XXX Orders prior to DD/MM/YYYY have been deleted.
    7. Click the OK button

The Deletion/Archive process is now complete. A list of the deleted Orders can be accessed in the saved archive .CSV file (if set up).