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Create a catalogue saved file

Learn how to save a catalogue file and use catalogue search in Amlib.

How to save to a catalogue file

A saved Catalogue file is generally used to define the data to display in a report (e.g. Report for Bibliographic details).

Using Catalogue Search

  1. In Amlib navigate to Main > Catalogue > Catalogue
  2. Enter your term in the Search Term box and select F5 Query
  3. Double click on Select a search type- for example Any Keyword
  4. Select File > Save All
  5. Select F1 New , give the file a name then F3 Save and F9 Select
  6. A notification will display the number of items in the file


Stockitems & Catalogue.

It is possible to search in Stockitem, find items and XReference to Catalogues for the items found in the Query e.g. All Videos. Once the Stockitems are displayed in a table, highlight the items. Once highlighted, choose XReference from the top of the table, and choose Catalogue. It is then possible to save the items to a file.

For example, have a File saved named Bibliography. This can be used each time for Bibliographies, emptying (using Empty [F2]) if necessary.

The File can then be used in Reports/RepBibliographic