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Find information about OCLC Usage Statistics for and see a description of the available reports.

Using OCLC Usage Statistics for

Use the Click to Libraries Report to gauge what usage the search box is bringing to your library site. These statistics show how many users link to your online catalog or library information from the interface. They also show how many of your authenticated users link from the interface to your OPAC or other resources such as links to OpenURL resources and resource sharing options.

Glossary of Terms:

  • Authenticated:  IP authenticated against that specific participating institution.
  • Public: anyone who was not IP authenticated against that institution.
  • OpenURL: the institution’s OpenURL link set up in OCLC Service Configuration, which appears to a user on if they are IP authenticated against that institution.

You can configure your settings and manage links to your library's resources from the interface in OCLC Service Configuration.™ Reports

Reports Description Click to Libraries Report

The Clicks to Libraries Report is available for all OCLC institutions. It is an institution-level report showing, by month, the number of clicks to library-specific features. Features include library information, the library's catalog or the library's resources (i.e., JSTOR, OpenURL resources, or FirstSearch full text). These reports are to be used as a barometer of your usage.


Library Information:  the number of times users clicked on the Library Information link in the interface for the given library.