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Why does the Access Online button not display on titles I have selected in Collection Manager?

To help understand why an Access Online button, may not display in Discovery for a title they subscribe to.
  • I selected a Knowledge base collection in Collection Manager by selecting some of the titles within it, however the Access Online links do not display for these chosen titles  in Discovery.
Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager 
  • WorldCat Discovery 

This can happen for several different reasons:

  • The option Links from the WorldCat knowledge base to full text content must be turned on in Service Configuration under WorldCat Discovery and WorldCat Local > Full Text and Open Access Links > WorldCat Local Search Results // WorldCat Discovery Search Results and Detailed Views for links from the knowledge base to display.
  • Selected titles take 24-48 hours to have holdings set in WorldCat. Links will appear on titles that don't have their holdings set, but those titles may be missing from your results. . 
  • The title must have a coverage depth that allows links to show on the record. Coverage depths like Indexed or Abstracts  do not display links. 
  • Incorrect or missing data in the citation can cause valid knowledge base holdings to be missed. 
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