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Why does WorldCat Discovery show that we do not have v.1 and v.2, followed by an indication that we do have those items available?

  • Line items show multiple entries for the same volume. One set is unavailable and one set is available.
Applies to
  • WorldShare Management Services 
  • WorldCat Discovery
  • WorldShare Record Manager

Check to make sure one of the LHR fields with the volume information doesn't have an extra space.

  1.  Go to WorldShare Record Manager.
  2.  Search for the OCLC number of the record.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the record.
  4. Click on the pencil icon in the Local Holdings section to edit the LHR.
  5. Review the LHR and make sure the volume information in each field matches matches exactly. Make edits as needed.
  6. Save your changes.  
Additional information

For additional information on editing LHR fields, go to LHR fields.

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