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Display order of branches, shelving locations, and items

Find information about how branch order, shelving location order and item order are determined in the WorldCat Discovery interface.

The order in which branches, shelving locations, and items are displayed is determined by the below configurations.

Display component Data element Display control
  • Contact OCLC Support to alter the order of display for branches configured under the Level 1 fulfillment on the item detail page and the branch scope filter. See Change the branch display order.
Shelving Location
  • Alpha-numeric sort on Item details Shelving location column.
  • Item display is determined by 8xx item fields on the LHR. See 8xx fields for more information.
  • Default sort in WorldCat Discovery lists available items alpha-numerically, followed by unavailable items in alpha-numeric order.
  • Items are capable of being sorted by the availability column, the call number column, or the shelving location column.


Change the branch display order

For institutions that have configured branches for their Level 1 holdings, the order of display of the branches on the item detail page and the branch scope filter can be controlled.  

The branches must be added to the Holding Codes Translation Table. To alter the order of their appearance on the item detail screen and the branch scope filter, contact OCLC Support.

Item detail screen- Image
Branch scope filter- Image