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A - Z List

Find information about the features and uses of the A - Z List.

Overview of the A - Z List

Every WorldCat Discovery library has an A-Z list, a patron-facing page that makes it possible to search the knowledge base titles you have represented in Collection Manager.

The A-Z List features a responsive to desktop browsers, mobile devices, and tablets. Configuration options for the interface include customizable color schemes, library links, and banner images.

The A-Z list includes the items and collections that have been added to the WorldCat knowledge base via WorldShare Collection Manager.


  • Items must have an ISSN number or it will not display a link in the A - Z list. Verify that the Display Online Catalog setting is turned on in the Display Options section. 
  • Abstract only and index only collections are not loaded to the WorldCat knowledge base since there is no full text available for these resources. No links would appear in WorldCat Discovery or in the A - Z list for these resources.
  • WorldShare Collection Manager does not set holdings on the below content types. Items with these content types will not show as held by your institution:

Use the A - Z List

The A-Z list data is populated based on what your institution has selected in the Knowledge Base. Full-text links are populated by coverage information in the titles selected within WorldShare Collection Manager.

To find an item in the A-Z list that is part of your library's WorldCat knowledge base, the information sent in a search must include the following:

  • ISSN
  • Title
  • Page number
  • Publication date
  • Volume number (if applicable)

The A-Z list matches what you've entered with what is in the WorldCat knowledge base and then displays the first provider in the list that matches all the qualifications. If there is no year or month in the search qualifications, it won't be able to apply date coverage.

 Note:  The system will make the best match possible, but this may not include all links or fulfillment options.

Database-only collections in the A - Z list

Database-only collections are used primarily by WorldShare Acquisitions and WorldShare License Manager libraries when they need to acquire collections or associate licenses with collections that do not have a defined list of titles. For example, a library might create a database-only collection for the Oxford English Dictionary website. 

Doing so would:

  • Create an order in Acquisitions
  • Create an entry in the library's WorldCat Discovery A - Z list which will be visible under Browse > Collections 

 Note:  Database-only collections will not set holdings in WorldCat or output MARC records.

For additional information, refer to Create a database-only collection.