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Your WorldCat authorization and password

Find system requirements, including recommended browsers and plug-ins, information about how IP address recognition works with


Authentication methods vary from library to library and are chosen by the library. Some features may require that you enter a username and/or password within your library’s local system to get access to certain items. You may be prompted for an authorization and password, if necessary.

To create a WorldCat account, see Your account.

IP address recognition employs a technology called IP recognition. For your convenience, the site tries to determine your location based on the unique Internet Protocol address assigned to the network connection or Internet Service Provider you are using. It then automatically assigns a location or presents a list of possible geographic locations based on that address.

If you are using your normal Internet connection from a remote location, such as logging on while on vacation, it is possible that the options generated by IP recognition will not reflect your current location. If you manually change your location, that will write a cookie to your machine which will override’s automatically assigned location.

System requirements

Recommended browsers

The most effective internet access to is provided by standard web browsers as described in recommended browsers.


Plug-ins can be downloaded here, and include Facebook applications and a search plug-in for the Firefox Web browser. This page also includes instructions on configuring the Google Toolbar, which lets you link to WorldCat records when ISBNs—standard identifying numbers assigned to books—are detected on a webpage you are viewing.