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My Location

Learn how uses your location and how to share your location. tries to determine your location based on the unique Internet protocol (IP) address assigned to the network connection or Internet service provider you are using. When you open, a location dialog appears that states: It looks like you are in [location]. Not correct?.

  • Click Share current location if the location identified is not correct. The location will update based on your IP address.
  • Click the X if you do not wish to share your location with

If you are using your normal Internet connection from a remote location, such as logging on while on vacation, it is possible that the options generated by IP recognition will not reflect your current location. To manually change your location:

  1. Click the location in the header. The Update Location dialog opens.
  2. From the Update Location dialog, enter the city name or postal code for your location
    Click Use My Location to use your exact location.
  3. Click Update Location. Your current location will be reflected in the header.