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Why am I constantly getting a Server Communication Failed error message when logging into our site

  • When  logging in, I am constantly getting a Server communication failed error, and either my WorldShare platform does not load or it does not load correctly with access to all the modules 
Applies to
  • WorldShare Management Services (WMS)
  • WorldShare platform 

    Server Communication Failed error.jpg

To resolve this issue 

  1. Select the Details hyperlink on the error message to locate what the issue may be.
  2. If you see URL:  /wms/cmnd/content/alert-ui-webapp/cmnd/alerts/listAlerts.
  3. It indicates that you have the Alerts Roles turned on for the user logging in -these roles can easily be removed from the user in Admin.
  4. These Alerts appear when you are signed in to your library's WorldShare instance. When alerts are sent to your account, the numbered box on the far left of the navigation bar turns orange and displays the number of unread alerts. If you have no alerts or have read all of your alerts, the box will be grey and contain a zero (0).
  5. Predefined and custom alerts are available and can be configured.
  6. However, having these Alert Roles set up on users can cause this  Server communication failed error.
  7. To check if you have these Alert roles turned on and perhaps remove these roles from the user.
  8. Go to Admin > Search for the User > Roles > Edit > Untick the following roles if selected:
    1. Alert Admin
    2. Alert Sender
    3. Alert User
  9. Then select Save 
Additional information

Alert Roles:  Alerts are especially of interest to libraries with WorldShare Circulation and/or WorldShare License Manager.

Configuring Alerts  Predefined alerts are generated when a specific action occurs within the system and Custom alerts are customized (free-text) messages you can send to other users within the WorldShare interface.

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