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About WorldShare Management Services sandbox

Find an overview of the WMS sandbox and learn how to access it.


The WMS sandbox provides your library with a safe training and testing environment so you can train your staff and test your configuration options and APIs on a current and complete set of your own local data without impacting your WMS production environment or data.

It includes access to the majority of the WorldShare suite of services and complete and current non-production versions of global data assets such as WorldCat and the WorldCat knowledge base. Because the sandbox reflects your library’s production data and configuration, the sandbox is not available during your implementation but is only available when your WMS system is in production and live.

The WMS sandbox is only available to WMS libraries, who have purchased the full suite of WorldShare applications including Acquisition and Circulation.

Libraries in the United States, Canada and EMEA that are currently live with WMS can, for an additional charge, request a sandbox environment by contacting OCLC Library Services, or contacting your OCLC Library Services Consultant.

Your WMS sandbox environment is available Monday – Friday:

  • U.S. – 02:00- 20:00 (or 2:00 AM – 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time)

 Note: The WMS sandbox is only available to libraries in the US, Canada, and Europe at this time.

For additional information, see the WorldShare sandbox FAQ.


WorldShare staff accounts (WorldShare Admin tab) can be maintained separately from your production accounts. Therefore, they will not automatically be copied to the sandbox environment.

Your library's sandbox URLs will have the following format. Replace yourlibrary with your library's identifier:

  • WorldShare:
  • Discovery:
  • Discovery A-Z:

The OCLC Service Configuration sandbox environment can be accessed at

Data types

The WMS sandbox contains the following data types:

Global data

A complete copy of global data assets, including WorldCat and the WorldCat knowledge base, is included in the sandbox. The data can be accessed and edited without affecting the production data assets. 

Global data assets are updated monthly from the production system for all libraries using a sandbox. 

Local data

complete copy of your library’s local data, including bibliographic, item, order, and invoice data is included in the sandbox. However, your patron data and staff accounts are not included to ensure privacy and security.

Local data in the sandbox is be updated without affecting the production system. Local data is updated from the library’s production system on a monthly cadence for all libraries.

 Note: Data refreshes will overwrite any local changes made in the sandbox environment.