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D-VDX900-4: VDX 9.0 release notes

Release Date: March 3, 2015

Bugs Fixed

Issue #



Work Queues:

Add ability to sort published searches (by description) in the Work Queue


Bulk Actions:

Changes to Bulk action failure notifications

We now provide a list of request ids that updated OK, followed by a list of failed requests which can be actioned again.



DocFind-Requester on LINUX

DocFind-Requester was crashing on Linux 7.4.


ISO ILL Requests

For requests sent to VDX/NRE from WSILL the borrower's autho was showing in Web Admin in the request details under Additional Service Details as "Account no". This should not be shown to users in VDX.

This piece of information is no longer shown to lenders in Web Admin


DocFind-Responder Configuration:

VDX was using wildcard service-type, service-level or Item-format configuration rules in preference to more specific rules. For instance a site with one rule for DVDs, and one rule for everything else, was finding that the "everything else" rule was getting applied to DVD requests.

DocFind-Responder now correctly "prefers" explicit settings to wildcard ones.


Generic Script Messaging Protocol

On receipt of a GSM Renewal Denied message the system was updating the borrower's request status from "Renewal-Pending" to "Shipped" when it should have been changing it from "Renewal-Pending" to "Received".


Bulk Actions:

There was a problem with bulk action. When a user hit the submit the action page stayed visible and submittable until the system had completed submitting the action and the results page appeared/ This could confuse the user into thinking they had not really submitted the page yet so they hit submit again,

which submitted the bulk action a second time. This second submission produced a page saying "most (if not all) actions have failed" (since the requests are already authorised from the first submit), but then when they went back to look at the failed requests they saw that the actions were successful since they went through on the first submission).

The system now prevents users from hitting submit again after they have hit it the first time.


Bulk Actions:

On attempting to bulk change a process status the system gave an error saying "please select either an action, auth status or process status".

The code that verified whether a valid action had been selected was only checking Action and Auth Status, but not Process Status. This meant that the system thought that the user had not selected anything if only a Process Status was chosen.


Notes fields

Web Admin allows the user to enter a note that is over 2000 characters long (which exceeds the 2000 character max length of the note field in the database), When this happens, VDX rejects the entire note, and nothing gets added to the database.

The system now truncates the note to the first 2000 characters when saving it to the database.


ILL Details Printout

The Local Request Number was displaying correctly on the ILL Details screen but was not displayed on the printout.

The ILL Details Printout showed the field label, but not the data itself.

The Print stylesheet has been updated to correctly display the Local Request Number.