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D-VDX830-4: VDX 8.3 release notes

Release Date: October 23, 2014

Bugs fixed

Issue #



Display Request Subtitle.

When a new request is made from a bib record - the subtitle should be displayed and included in the requested bib details.


ILL Request

We increased the size of the Shipped-Item number field from 20 to 40 characters to be able to handle larger item numbers being returned by some NCIP servers.


VDX was not always paying attention to default program settings:

Document Deleter and some other background processes were running one a minute when they had been configured to run once per day.


Patron Notes showing on Request

Patron Notes were being displayed on requests even when the associated permission was set to not display patron notes anywhere other than on the “Send User Alert” screen.


Strange Error Message on logging in

When a user logged into WebAdmin with an invalid username or password the error message 'internal user number is invalid' appeared where once it would have given an explicit error about invalid username or password.

The original “User Authenticator” error message has been reinstated.


PatronRequest API

The Navigator Patron Request API was returning the error “Unable to provide Requested Service” when patron request contained a very large number attached control numbers (in the thousands!)

We no longer return Control Numbers as part of the Patron request lookup.


ISBN prefixes for 10 and 13 digit ISBNS

ISBNs cut and pasted into the Zportal blank request form had prefixes of ISBN10 or ISBN132. VDX was stripping the text “ISBN” from these and then searching of an ISBN number of “10” or “13”.

We have fixed this by stripping out the “ISBN10” or “ISBN13” text from the ISBN fields before searching with them.


Request Patron Name:

The client name field in the request was not updating to the patron's name when staff validated a patron on a request via WebAdmin. It remained set to the default name of the Staff User who was submitting the request.

This has been fixed so that the client-name now reflects the patron that the request is intended for.


Local holdings publication info in Marc 264 rather than in Marc 260

We have updated our holdings parsers to look for publication info in Marc 264 subfields (Production, Publication, Distribution, Manufacture info) as well as in Marc 260 subfields (Publication, Distribution, Inprint).



VDX 8.1 onwards did not work correctly with Explorer IE9 - they were unable to action requests.

This has been fixed for 8.3 and retrospective RSDs can be applied to VDX 8.1 and VDX 8.2


OpenURL processing

The verification source for the requested item was not getting stored from incoming OpenURL requests.


Article Exchange

The VDX Article Exchange downloader was generating “Unsupported Mime Type” errors and discarding the downloaded document if the document type was set to “image/tif” or “application/x-file-download”.

We have made the downloader more robust by attempting to derive the mime-type from the file extension if it does not recognise the mime-type that it has been given.


Very Large Bureaus

When a bureau contains more than 1000 locations the user gets a ORA-01795 error (maximum number of expressions in a list is a 1000).

We have changed the related SQL expressions so that do not contain > 1000 elements in a list. This allows for bureaus to have more than 1000 member libraries without causing Oracle errors.