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Standard ILL request search

The Standard Search screen is accessed by clicking the Standard option from the top menu bar. These searches are designed to return hits faster than the Advance search.

A single list of simple request search options displays irrespective of borrower/lender role.

 Note about Keyword searching: The searches in the standard and advanced search screen that use words rather than unique numbers are keyword searches. As such, you can add operators to your search to retrieve more specific results. Here is the syntax that you can use in your searches to refine your results:

  • If the search string is within double-quotes (meaning "I only want records with this string as a phrase"), then it will find records with all these words (but not words like them) in that order in the record.
  • Boolean operators can be used (AND, OR and NOT and their respective symbols). The operators must be in upper case or they will be considered stop words.
  • Nested logic is also supported. eg. (word1 OR word2) NOT word3.
  • Proximity searching is supported. Eg. The search term word1(3)word2 means find any records with word1 or words like it within 3 words of word2 or words like it.
  • The punctuation characters ", \ { < >:" are converted into a space.
  • The punctuation characters "- ! ?" are removed.
  • Stop words are removed. The stop words are: the, a, an, and, or, not, of, in, on, at, from, to, is, for, about, with, which, who.
  • Forced phrase search: if you precede the search string with "#*", this forces the search string to be a phrase.
  • Reverse default Boolean operation: If you prefix the search term with #! then the default Boolean operation will be "or" instead of "and."

In the following table, the keyword searches are identified by an asterisk (*).

ILL Numbers

The request number you received when your request was confirmed, the local request number, the other party’s request number. This is the only search on this screen that will retrieve completed as well as active requests.

Item Number

The physical item number (item barcode) entered when an item is shipped or received.


The ISBN in the request


The ISSN in the request

Title/Author Keyword*

The words of the Requested Title or author retrieved regardless of where it is in the title

Patron Barcode*

The ID of the patron requesting the item

Patron Name*

The first and last name of the patron requesting the item

Request Due Date

The date the lender specified as the due date for the item

Lender/Borrower Code*

The location code/description or name of the current partner in the request

Request Assigned To Me

If you are using the Lock and Unlock functionality, this option will list all request assigned (that you have locked). You do not have to enter “search criteria.”