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Why do I see the message "Search results did not contain a valid ISSN" in the Request History?

Applies to
  • Tipasa

This message means that the bibmatching automation could not find a valid ISSN in the WorldCat records in the automation's search results. For example, if the OCLC number for the record has an ISSN in the 022 $y subfield instead of the 022 $a subfield, this is not considered a valid ISSN, and the bibmatching automation cannot take action on it. The ISSN will not be filled into the request, in this case.

If you find that the record in your ILL request does have an ISSN on which to match, and you receive the above message, please contact OCLC Support with your OCLC Symbol, the example request ID, and the OCLC number of the record in question.

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