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I do not want to lend to a specific group of libraries, how do I configure my deflection policy?

  • As a lender, you can choose to lend and not lend to specific libraries, particular type of libraries and/or libraries in specific regions.
Applies to
  • Tipasa
  • WorldShare ILL

To configure your lending preferences based on a group of libraries, you:

  1. Create a Custom Holdings Group in Service Configuration with the libraries you do not want to lend to
  2. Navigate to Policies Directory and create a new deflection
  3. To deflect this group of lending for all types, select Copy Or Loan and Enable real time deflection. Select include for the Custom Holdings Group of choice
  4. Save your new deflection. The libraries in this group should now be deflected of any type of resource sharing for your library
Additional information

Please see Manage Policies for more information on the Policies Directory and deflections
Learn more about creating Custom Holdings Groups

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