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Document Delivery overview

Find an overview of Document Delivery in Tipasa.

The Document Delivery features allows your library to fulfill requests from patrons with items from your own collection, as indicated by your holdings in WorldCat. When Document Delivery is enabled, the Document Delivery category appears in the left navigation and allows you to process requests that can be fulfilled by items held by your library. You can also configure your automations to route requests for items your library holds to the Document Delivery queues. Document Delivery can also be used with the Advanced Lending queues.

This feature might be useful to your library if:

  • You allow patrons to request copies from journals held in your print collection.
  • You fill book/returnable requests for held items for your distance education students.
  • Your library is part of a group of institutions that allows patrons to request items held at one location and will ship the item to the patron's home branch or home address.

 Note:  Your library does not need to provide a document delivery service or purchase items to configure Document Delivery.  Set up automations through the Automated Request Manager to route to Document Delivery and easily separate requests your patrons place for items you own in your collection.  Refer to Using automations with Tipasa, Example configurations for more information.

For information about Document Delivery reports, please refer to Interlibrary Loan reports. For information about creating custom reports, refer to WorldShare Report Designer for Tipasa.

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