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Navigate Resource Sharing for Groups functionality

Find information about the available functionality of Resource Sharing for Groups, and documentation with more information.

Resource Sharing for Groups builds on existing OCLC resource sharing services to offer a range of features that allow you to connect your collection to library users. Use the entries on this page to navigate to full documentation for each of these features.

Borrowing and Lending

  • Borrowing Requests
    • Create, manage, and process borrowing requests.
  • Lending Requests
    • Manage and respond to lending requests.
  • Off-System Requesting
    • Learn how to track all requests using off-system request workflows.
  • Discover Items
    • Learn how to use Basic search, Advanced search, and Expert search when using Discover Items to retrieve item records.

Configuration and integration

  • OCLC Service Configuration - Resource Sharing for Groups
    • Administrative settings for Resource Sharing for Groups are maintained in OCLC Service Configuration. In Service Configuration, you can see your interlibrary loan options, print settings, borrower and lender constant data, custom holdings groups, automations, and purchase options.
  • WorldShare Circulation Integration
    • WorldShare Interlibrary Loan and WorldShare Circulation integration provides you with a method to streamline the interlibrary loan-circulation process and workflow. Librarians and staff who process interlibrary loan (ILL) requests through WorldShare Circulation no longer have to manually create temporary items or holds for ILL requests.

Automation and smart fulfillment 

  • Smart fulfillment
    • Increase the speed of delivery of materials based on policy data, lending history, licensing agreements, format preferences, and more.

Additional ILL functionality

  • Policies Directory guide
    • The OCLC Policies Directory is the repository of lending and copying policies of libraries participating in Resource Sharing for Groups, WorldShare Interlibrary Loan, and Tipasa.
  • Article Exchange
    • Article Exchange provides a single secure location where lending libraries can place requested articles for interlibrary loan. It allows users to upload files for pickup anywhere in the world.
  • Document suppliers
    • How to receive articles from document suppliers such as the British Library, Get It Now, and MyBib.
  • Purchasing Requests
    • The Purchase option allows you to track items you may wish to purchase, instead of borrowing via interlibrary loan.
  • Interlibrary Loan Fee Management
    • The Interlibrary Loan Free Management (IFM) feature lets libraries reconcile resource-sharing charges and payments through their monthly OCLC invoice. IFM helps libraries save money on fee-based transactions and simplify the transaction process.
  • Print
    • You can print individual requests, all requests in a queue, add requests to the print queue to print out later, and queue book straps and shipping and return labels to be printed.
  • Reports
    • Reports are available to Resource Sharing for Groups users through OCLC Usage Statistics. 
  • Reference
    • Additional resources for Resource Sharing for Groups users.