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Install and upgrade FAQ

Find an FAQ for installing and upgrading Relais version 2016.x.

Do we still run an application server with the 2016 version?

Yes, you still need to run an application server with Relais 2016.

How long can we continue to run 2014?

There is currently no end of life date for Relais 2014.3.1.

Will there be challenges with the hosted site having been upgraded to 2016 and us still using 2014?

No, there will be no issues for customers continuing to run the Relais 2014 client once we have upgraded the Hosted Service to Relais 2016.

When running the “CreateODBCexe” utility on a staff workstation and a user with Administrator rights enters their credentials and CreateODBC.exe utility completes successfully, but when you try to use Relais you still receive indications that the Relais applications cannot find the required ODBC entry.


In this situation Windows has determined that the user running  this utility does not have sufficient privileges to allow the CreateODBC.exe  utility to complete successfully.  This issue only occurs when running the CreateODBC.exe  utility  on windows Vista and higher.

The user data sources are stored on the HKEY_CURRENT_USER tree in the windows registry.

If someone with Administrator rights has entered their credentials into this prompt, the CreateODBC.exe utility completes successfully but the ODBC setting is created under that user's profile and not the user that is currently logged into the staff workstation.

The Relais ODBC entry must appear under the “User DSN” tab in the windows “ ODBC data Source Administrator”.

Temporarily add the user's account into the windows local administrators group. This ensures the user in question has sufficient privileges to allow the CreateODBC.exe utility to add the required entries into the  HKEY_CURRENT_USER tree under their profile in the windows registry.

Once this is done you can remove the user account from the windows local administrators group.

How do configure for an encrypted connection in 2016.x?

Starting in Relais 2016.x the build no longer contains the SQL Native Client driver due to security concerns expressed about including potentially outdated versions of the driver. By removing this component from the build, if the default Windows SQL Server driver is used to create the windows ODBC connection, users will not be able to set the "UseEncryption" option equal to "Yes" in the Relais Windows client. To configure your system to allow for encrypted connections the following must be done:

  1. Install  the third party “Microsoft® ODBC Driver 13.1 for SQL Server” driver.

  2. Run the CreateODBC.exe Utility and select the “ODBC Driver 13.1 for SQL Server” from the list of approved drivers:


 Note: Any version of the Native SQL server driver will work in this scenario. The root issue is that the default Windows “SQL Server” driver does not support the encryption of the database correction.



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