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Exact Query options

Learn about the options for Exact Query.

The following options are available for Exact Query

  • Request Number - the Relais request number.
  • Barcode - at the time a request is updated as a loan, the barcode that you assign.
  1. Select the type of search you want to do and enter the corresponding value.  
    • Any characters entered are converted to upper case.
  2. After entering the value click Search under the input box or hit Enter.
    1. If you entered the value using a barcode reader or wand, it may be programmed to automatically enter the value.
    2. If you select an option from the drop-down other than Request Number, this option continues to display until:
      • You select a different option.
      • You click Clear.
      • The search returns multiple requests.
  3. The result or results of the search display.

Tips for using Exact Query

  • The Exact search returns ALL requests (open and closed) that meet the search criteria with the exception of barcode. The barcode search returns only OPEN requests. 
  • If the cursor is in the Exact input box only this value is used any other criteria entered below, i.e., in the Advanced options, are ignored.


To clear the value entered click Clear under the input box. The value in the drop-down is also reset to the default, e.g., Request Number.

Configuration options for Exact Query

You can configure any of the following based on the staff group:

  • What options to display.
  • What option displays as the default, i.e., at the top of the list.
  • The description for each entry in the list.
  • The order in which the entries display.

 Note:  To make changes to the values in the Exact Query drop-down or any other configuration changes contact your local Relais D2D Administrator and specify the changes you want.