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Discovery 3.0 switchover

Find a checklist of updates required when switching to Discovery 3.0.

 Caution:  Current methods for accessing Discovery (via URL) and all current authentication options will continue to be supported.

There are no changes to NCIP.

Directing users to Discovery from local web pages, Libguides etc.

Update the hostname of the URL you pass to Discovery to point to your Discovery 3.0 hostname

  • This will need to be done if you currently collect and pass through patron credentials from your local web pages into Discovery.
    • e.g. <form action="" method="POST" name="gateway"> ...
      <form action=" ...

 Caution:  Discovery 3.0 does not require/support the method POST so this element will need to be removed from your form code.

Update the entire URL you pass to Discovery to point to your new Discovery 3.0 login page

  • This will need to be done if you currently point your users to a Relais D2D gateway login page
    • e.g. symbol.html
  • If you direct your users to Discovery via the portal pages you have the option of keeping your URL the same as it is now
    • e.g. symbol&dest=discovery
    • OR update it to the corresponding Discovery 3.0 login page which recreates the same behavior as the above URL

Searches redirected from other Discovery environments

Update the URL you pass to Discovery to point to Discovery 3.0

  • This will need to be done if you redirect searches from other Discovery environments using the CCL query parameter directly to your D2D Discovery
  • e.g. symbol&PI=patron id&query=#{complex query}
                  symbol&PI=patron id&query=#{complex query}

 Caution:  With Discovery 3.0, when forming the CCL query (query parameter value) all special characters must be percent-encoded as per RFC 3986 URI Generic Syntax. See URL encoding for more details on coding special characters when forming the CCL query. 

Have OCLC Relais update the hostname in your configuration for OpenURL redirects

  • This will need to be done if your redirects send bib parameter information via OpenURL, which we convert to a CCL query to pass to Discovery

3rd party system interaction with Discovery

Update the URL you pass to Discovery in your ILLiad client side addon configuration

  • e.g. symbol&PI=patron id
    symbol&PI=patron id

NO changes are required for the ILLiad server side addon. The server side addon utilizes the suite of discovery web services on the servers at and those addresses did not change with the hardware migration in the summer of 2018.

Hostname changes


D2D group Current Discovery hostname Discovery 3.0 hostname
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