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Search/Catalog information

Find information related to retrieving information on catalogs being actively searched in Relais D2D

Search/Catalog info is a service within DiscoverItem that retrieves information on catalogs being actively searched.

HTTP Method: GET 

HTTP Method: POST  
HTTP Header Content-Type: "application/json" 

HTTP Header User-Agent: ${user-agent}  
Standard HTTP clients (browser, HTTP client libraries, etc.) will automatically include its User-Agent value.  

Search URL: 


Search/Catalog parameters

Parameter Name Definition Required/Optional, etc. Notes
aid A valid authorization ID Required Refer to authentication services for details


A valid Common Common Language - CCL (ISO 8777) query


Refer to constructing CCL query for details

Use the same value for aid and query as used when calling the search service

Request body (HTTP Method: POST):



Example Call

Catalog info for a search with "aid" and "query" parameters

  • aid=12knsfd987234ldfd2
  • query=ti%3D%22The%20Stranger%22%20and%20au%3D%22Albert%22%20an d%20au%3D%22Camus%22
    { ti="The Stranger" and au="Albert" and au="Camus" }

https://HOSTNAME/di/search/catalog/info?aid=12knsfd987234ldfd2&query=ti%3D%22The%20Stranger%22%20and%20au%3D%22Albert%22%20and%20au%3D%22Camu s%22

Retrieve information on all catalogs being searched for The Stranger by Albert Camus


The response from this service is a JSON document.

Successful response request 

The following is a sample response for a successful request (HTTP status 200 OK):

            "Name":"Catalog Name",
            "State":"Connection State"

Successful response glossary

Value Name Definition


An integer value indicating the number of catalogs being actively searched.

A value of 0 means that the search is complete.

Catalog[n].Hits An integer value indicating the number of hits matching the search in the catalog.
Catalog[n].ItemCount An integer value indicating the number of items retrieved from the catalog.


A string value indicating the status of the connection to a catalog as seen by the underlying subsystem.

The following are valid values:

  • Client_Connecting
  • Client_Idle
  • Client_Working
  • Client_Error
  • Client_Failed
  • Client_Disconnected

Unsuccessful response request 

    "Problem":  {
    "Code": "PUBHG004",
    "Message": "Inactive search"

Problem codes and messages glossary

HTTP Status Code Type Message
400 Bad Request PUBHG001, PUBSC002 Public Missing parameter
401 Unauthorized PUBSC004 Public Invalid aid
401 Unauthorized PUBSC006 Public User group not authorized to access the service
404 Not Found PUBHG005 Public No result
412 Precondition Failed PUBHG004 Public Inactive search
500 Internal Server Error PRIHG001, PRISC001 Private Internal error