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Why is the number for my Borrowing Turnaround Time report for Articles so low in ILLiad?

  • You are used to numbers being higher in the past for Articles such as two to three thousand.  Now when you go to the Turnaround Time Report, you see the numbers in the fifty to a couple hundred.
Applies to
  • ILLiad

At one point, the query used for the Turnaround report was simple. Over the years, it had specific information that required you to process the requests manually by going to Electronic Delivery and Processing Electronic Delivery to deliver articles. Then the change was made to allow for Automatic Delivery of requests. They did not match the query used for Articles. So a new tab was added for the Overall w/ Manually Processed. Here is how you can break down the report to get the correct total.

1. You can look at the Overall Manual Summary grid number. Let's say it is 5,000
2. Subtract the number that is in the Loans Summary grid. Let's say that is 2,000.
3. That gives you a total of 3,000. This is the total number of Articles Delivered.
4. If you look at the first tab for the Articles Summary Grid, those are the number that was processed through Electronic Delivery. Let's say that number is 100.

So that tells you that you had 2,900 Articles delivered that skipped steps of the processing. So if you have your Electronic Delivery Set up for Automatic Delivery, then they would show up in those 2900 requests.

There might be a small deviation with loans that you received, but unless you never notified the patron or you changed the status directly to Request Finished, they should be close.  If you skip a step in the process of loans, they will not be counted.  On the Overall report, your numbers should be close to 2900 requests that were delivered automatically.

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