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We have an ILLiad Server Addon that we specify the date and times the addon should run, and it is hit and miss when it will run

  • You are using a Server Addon that you specify the Days of the week and the times the Addon should run, but it is not running
Applies to
  • ILLiad

To fix this issue, you need to have to do the following to have your Addon run correctly:

  1. The ILLiad System Manager Addon Interval runs based upon the key in the Customization Manager for the SystemManagerAddonInterval.   Know what that value is.  For many sites, it is five minutes.
  2. When you set the times you want the Server Addon to run, you do not know when the Server Addon will run, so you need to put in a value for the number of minutes the Sever Addon might run.  For example, if the ServerAddonInterval has a value of five minutes, and you want the report to run at noon, you would need to list the minutes like 12:00, 12:01, 12:02, 12:03, 12:04, and 12:05.  At one of those times, the System Manager will run and will match the time for the Server Addon to run.  So for each time you have in the day you want the interval run, you should have the time you wish to have it run and five entries for the next five minutes.  That way, one of them will match the time that the ILLiad System Manager runs.
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