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We are using ISO ILL with ILLiad and when we try to start the service, it turns back off

  • You are using ILLiad and when you try to start the ILLiad ISO Service, it immediately stops
Applies to
  • ILLiad

If your ILLiad ISO Service stops immediately after starting, here are some steps to resolve the issue:

  1. On your Web Server, if you go to to your c:\illiad\setup\ISOUpdates folder and find the highest version for the folder, it should match the version in the Customization Manager in the VersionISO key value.  So if the VersionISO key shows 9.0 and the highest version you see in the ISOUpdates is showing 8.7, you have a version mismatch.  You might first try by changing the Customization Manager key value to 8.7.
  2. If the highest version in the ISOUpdates is 9.0 and the Customization Manager key-value matches what is in the folder which in this case if it shows 9.0, then please see the attached document.  You will need to make sure your Java Version on the Web Server is 8.9.1.
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