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I am trying to save an ILLiad Webreport as a PDF, and I need it to line up correctly

  • You are looking at the WebReports results and you want it all to line up correctly in a PDF file
Applies to
  • ILLiad

When you get the results they are in columns.  Here is one option you can do to get the results you want:  .  Then, copy everything including the headers and paste it into an Excel Spreadsheet.  Then everything aligned correctly.  Then if you need to save it as a .pdf, save the file as a .pdf.  Everything will still line up correctly.

  1. Choose All from the bottom of the screen so you can see all the results at once.
  2. Copy everything including the headers and paste it into an Excel Spreadsheet.  You can work with the Column headers to get the results as you like them to appear.
  3. Then save the Excel file as a PDF and the results will line up correctly.
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