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I am an ILLiad Hosted site and I need help on how we can fix it when we have many patrons who have a blank entry for the Loan Delivery Method?

  • You realized when you are trying to send out emails for Loan Pickup that the emails are not going out.  When you investigate further, you find that you have several patrons who have a blank entry in the Loan Delivery Method box.  This is causing the emails to not go out.  You need this fixed.  This could be for any field such as Notification Method, Delivery Method.
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Please contact OCLC Support, and we will help you fix your patron records.  Also, we should look at your Web pages to make sure your coding is correct so when patrons register or change their information that their records are updating correctly.  This can also be done on different fields in the patron records.

If you are self-hosted, you should contact your SQL Administrator.

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