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How will you use the Import feature when Docline 6.1 comes out for ILLiad?

  • You use the Import Feature for Docline and you need to know how you will use it when ILLiad removes the Import feature.
Applies to
  • ILLiad

The documentation on the new Lending import helps:

Stephanie also talks about it here:
At 4:53 in the video Stephanie talks about the changes to the FieldTranslation.xml file that allow multiple fields to import into ILLiad.
And then at 6:49 is where she says that Import from Clipboard is no longer available and no longer needed.

If they think they still need that feature, they'll need to let us know what their workflow is and why they feel that they need that.  After they've updated and started using new new client, maybe they can see if it's an issue for them and then put in an enhancement request here for it:


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