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How do I get a list of all my patrons?

  • Site needs a list of all their patrons.
Applies to
  • ILLiad.

Go to the ILLiad Client and Get the current list. 

1.  Go to Home and then click on the Users Search and not put anything in the limiters. 

2.  When you get the list, you can click on the Export button on the top right.  You will have a chance to save the file in an Excel Spreadsheet. 

3.  Once you get the Spreadsheet, you will be able to filter the data. 

      a.  If you are a single server, you need to know that you do not want to alter Lending and Unmatched usernames. 

      b. If you are a shared site, then you do not alter your site codes.  For instance, if your site codes are ABC, CBS, NBC, then if you find an entry in your list with any of these Usernames, you do not want to alter the entries.


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