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Email Imports using Alma where the =09 show up at the end of each line of text.


When importing items via email from Alama a =09 is added to the end of each line.

Applies to
  • All email imports into ILLiad from Alma

The =09 is indeed present in those emails, but your email client is decoding them so they don't show. ILLiad imports emails as plain text, so what you see in Notepad is what ILLiad is importing.  The only workaround currently to prevent the =09 from being imported would be for Alma to stop inserting those encoded values in the original emails.  There has been some talk about changing the way emails are imported into ILLiad to where that process would be handled by the ILLiad API, but that would be down the road in a future patch.  Unfortunately, I do not have any details as to when that would be added.


ILLiad does not have a resolution for this problem at this time.  

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