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When editing the Item Details of a Local Holding Record I get an error in relation to not being able to find the specified holding item

  • When the Item Details of a Local Holding Record are edited, to allocate a different shelving location or change the branch, a message displays Unable to find the specified holding record and subsequently the details do not save
Applies to
  • WorldShare Metadata
  • WorldShare Circulation

Check to ensure that the LHR (Local Holding Record) entries are correct:

  1. Find the record in Record Manager > Edit Local Record Holding. Check the 876 tags as there may be one displaying that no longer exists. If so, remove this 876 Tag for the redundant Barcode record.
  2. If you do have two copies, add a second copy with a new barcode for the relevant library. Do this using the Copies > Add Item.

Alternately if both 876 tags are valid check to ensure that in the Leader field ( 000 ) the Type of Record is set to v - Multipart item holdings and not x - Single-part item holdings. 

When an LHR has more than one 876 $p field the Leader must be set to v - Multipart item holdings . 

You may also need to change the 008/16 Completeness to something other than 4 - Not applicable. 

Validate the LHR and fix any other issues then Save. 

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