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Reformat a bibliographic record

Discover how to reformat a bibliographic record from the MARC 21 editor in WorldShare Record Manager.

When you manually reformat a MARC 21 record, you direct the system to automatically resort the variable fields in correct numeric order and correct minor errors.

  • 006-3xx: sorted by all three characters of tag
  • 4xx-9xx: sorted by tag group, but within group, input order preserved
  • 029: always at the bottom
  • 049: always the last 0xx field
  1. From the MARC 21 editor, select Reformat from the Record drop-down menu. The system redisplays the record and a confirmation message appears which states that the record was reformatted.

Errors corrected

When you manually reformat records, the system makes these minor corrections:

  • Converts "pipe" character ( | ) in URLs to code %7C, because the pipe character is not part of the set of ALA diacritics and special characters that are valid in the client.
  • Changes subfield codes in uppercase to lowercase.
  • Changes fixed field values in the wrong case (uppercase versus lowercase) to the correct case.
  • If the last character (check digit) in the ISBN or ISSN is a lowercase x, changes it to uppercase.
  • Changes a lowercase dlc in field 040 $a to uppercase DLC
  • If field 260 $c contains a date and fixed field element Date1 is blank, adds the date to Date1.
  • Deletes leading blanks or blanks between values in fixed field elements. Trailing blanks remain.