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Set WorldCat holdings or holdings audience levels

Discover how to set up to 10,000 WorldCat holdings or holdings audience levels at a time in WorldShare Record Manager.
  1. In the left navigation, click Record Work Lists.
  2. From the Bibliographic tab, type or paste up to 10,000 OCLC numbers you want to set holdings for in the Target Record(s) form field. Separate each number with a space.
    • If commas or line returns are copied into the Target Record(s) form field, they will automatically be converted to spaces.    
    • If you enter duplicate OCLC numbers, the system automatically removes them when you click outside the form field. You will receive the following message: Removed # duplicate record number(s).
  3. From the Record Action(s) drop-down menu, select Set WorldCat Holding(s).

     Note: For WorldShare Management Services libraries, select Set Holding Audience Level to and choose the audience level from the drop-down list.

  4. From the Set WorldCat Holding(s) dialog, click Set.
     Note: If you entered more than 1,000 OCLC numbers, you will receive the following message: You are about to set the WorldCat Holding(s) on the first group of 1000 target records. Any remaining records will be retained in the input box.

    The Processing Record(s) dialog opens, with a progress bar that indicates how many records have already been processed. The dialog closes after processing is complete.

    A confirmation message appears identifying how many records successfully had holdings set when the Processing Record(s) dialog closes. If holdings were unable to set for a record, an error message appears.
     Note: If a record failed, see the Error(s) table below the Target Record(s) form field for more information.
  5. (Optional). If you entered more than 1,000 OCLC numbers, repeat steps 1-4 to set holdings on the remaining records. Repeat until complete.