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Why isn't the record I selected in Collection Manager visible in other applications?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager
  • WorldShare Record Manager
  • WorldCat Discovery
  • WorldCat knowledge base
  • WorldCat Local

There are a couple of different reasons why this could happen:

  • Does the title record in the WorldCat knowledge base contain an OCN from WorldCat? If not, a holding can't be placed for the title until one is added. 
    • Note: If the OCN is present in the WorldCat knowledge base, but as a Grouped OCN, the holding will be found on the primary OCN listed above the Grouped OCN list. If this is incorrect, you can edit the OCN to correct it
  • It may take over 24 - 48 hours for a record that is selected in Collection Manager will be visible in other applications. If the record is still not active after this time period you can disable the 'Maintain WorldCat Holdings' option for the entire collection. Wait 24 hours before turning this on again.

If the problem still occurs after this action please contact OCLC Support

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