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Why haven't I received WCP MARC records or label files?

  • WorldCat Cataloging Partners, MARC records and/or label files not available for download or provider reports they received error "Collection ID is not profiled" when sending data to OCLC
Applies to
  • WorldCat Cataloging Partners (WCP)

 1.  WorldCat Cataloging Partners libraries must create and activate desired collections in WorldCat Collection Manager before  provider(s) start sending data. If the collections aren't created and activated, when the provider sends data two things may happen:

OCLC will not output MARC records which means there isn't anything to download when you expect to have files available for download.

OCLC will not output label files if that is something you are expecting.

2. When either or both issues above occur, check each of your Cataloging Partner Collections to be sure the collection ID in the collection matches the Collection ID with the provider and that the account number matches what is on the invoice. Both the Collection ID and the Account number are on the properties facet in the collection. If they do not match, contact the provider to determine the correct information and update your collection and information on the  Collection Manager collection properties screen if necessary. 

Additional information

This documentation Create a cataloging partner collection will assist you in creating and configuring your collection as well as how to activate it. A short video is also provided on that page.

If the vendor has submitted invoices to OCLC before the collections were created and/or activated, the vendor will need to resubmit the invoices to OCLC.

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