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Our subscription to an automated DDA (Demand-Driven Acquisition) collection ends soon what do I need to do?


When our subscription ends I need to know the following:

1. Will we retain the MARC Records for the titles we have purchased?

2. Can I deselect the DDA collection?

3. How can I be sure we not do receive anymore automatic feeds after the subscription ends?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager/WorldCat knowledge base automatic feeds.

Let the vendor of the DDA collection know the date you want the subscription to end:

  1. The vendor will stop sending the automated holdings feeds for the DDA collections.
  2.  OCLC will not touch the Perpetual and Catalog (DDA) collections. The Perpetual collection will remain intact when the automatic feed stops and your MARC Records remain unchanged.
  3.  After the subscription has ended, please verify in activity history that we did not load any holdings to ensure the vendor correctly stopped your automatic feed. Then deselect the Catalog (DDA) collection. If the automatic feed did not end, please call or email OCLC Support and we will investigate further.
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