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How do I upload a KBART file into a collection with both English and Chinese or Thai characters in it?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager 
  • When creating a KBART file you must ensure you have all 26 columns and no extra columns added.
  • Data does not need to be in all columns

However, the columns below must have data in them for the file to be valid.

They are as follows: 

  • publication_title
  • either Online or Print Identifier [helps with matching process] 
  • date_first_issue_online
  • date_last_issue_online
  • title_url
  • first_author
  • title_id
  • coverage_depth
  • publisher_name
  • vendor_id
  • oclc_collection_name
  • oclc_collection_id
  • oclc_entry_id
  • oclc_number [optional but good if you have it]

NOTE:  oclc_entry_id  must be filled in, even if you just label each row with a number eg. 1,2,3,4,5, etc...

If your file has both English and Chinese Characters in the data of the KBART file then do the following:  
  1. Highlight the rows and columns A- Z  that you want to upload including the header row.
  2. The file needs to be saved as a Unicode.txt file.
  3. Select  Collection Actions  > Upload Titles to This Collection and select the following :
    • Scope: Update changes only
    • Upload type: KBART
    • File encoding: UTF-16LE (Unicode Text/Excel)
    • File: Choose file  unicode.txt file 
    • Upload 

You will then need to wait for the process to complete. You can refresh the page after a few minutes if a small file & then check History  > Summary  > to see if your file has uploaded correctly. You will see under the Summary: Total Records Processed xx, Total Records Loaded xx, Total Invalid Records xx  Total Duplicate Records xx