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How can I ensure my preferred collection is set behind the 'View Button' when the title appears in more than one collection?

Applies to
  • WorldCat Discovery
  • WorldShare Collection Manager  
  • It is possible to order the display of your collections, that display for a title in Discovery.
  • When there is more than one option, the first option displayed is the one that the View eBook link will take the patrons to.
  • You can alter the display order to ensure your preferred option is the one they will be taken to first, when the View eBook link or another link Button is available.  
  • This can be achieved by ordering the providers as a preference list in the institution settings.


  1.  Look up the collection in Collection Manager, that you would like to be the preferred option when 2 or more are available. 
  2. Take note of the provider used for this collection.
  3.  Select Metadata > Collection Manager > Institution settings > WorldCat Discovery > Display Order > Use the arrows to change your preferred provider above the one that is currently showing as the preferred provider in your list  > Select Save
  4. For example, you may prefer that where there is Spinney Press option, you'd prefer that to display first, before your Gale Group resources.
  5. Clear the cache in your browser, then look the item up again in Discovery, and the order you see for these two collections will have changed.
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