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WorldShare Collection Manager release notes, January 2020


Release Date: January 12, 2020


This release of Collection Manager provides the following improvements in addition to several bug fixes:

  • Allows users to see collection attributes for discontinued knowledge base collections
  • Removes obsolete encoding levels from relevant options in the user interface
  • Fixes an issue with custom note labels when defining more than seven labels

These enhancements are in large part the direct result of the community's feedback.

New features and enhancements

You can now see collection attributes for discontinued knowledge base collections

Previously, when a collection was flagged as discontinued, the attributes were no longer displayed.  We heard from our users that having the attributes continue to display in discontinued collections would be helpful, so you will now continue to see those attributes, even after a collection has been flagged as discontinued.

Obsolete encoding levels have been removed from Collection Manager settings

Those Collection Manager settings that require configuration of encoding levels have been updated to remove obsolete encoding levels, to provide a more efficient user experience.  Encoding Levels E and L are no longer represented in WorldCat, therefore the encoding level options for WorldCat updates and WorldCat cataloging partner collections will now reflect these changes. 

Taylor and Francis automated holdings feed now available

Just a reminder that as of November 2019, Taylor and Francis is now providing library-specific holdings data

This means that (with your permission) Taylor and Francis will provide updates weekly to OCLC with your library-specific holdings data (including new and deleted titles) so that OCLC can automatically:

  • register your titles in the WorldCat knowledge base
  • keep WorldCat holdings up-to-date for your Taylor and Francis subscription
  • provide full-text links to ensure seamless access
  • deliver customizable MARC records with ongoing updates as your subscription changes over time

The collection covered by the automated holdings feed is Collection ID: informaworld.tandfebooks

To learn how to make your Taylor and Francis titles easier to find, access and manage, please visit

Bug fixes

Custom defined labels now display properly 

You can now view your custom defined labels when you have defined more than seven.  Previously, while custom notes were still represented correctly in your MARC output, you were unable to see your custom defined labels in the user interface if you had created more than seven.

Some spacing and wrapping issues have been corrected

When creating a knowledge base collection, you can now correctly view the Holdings and MARC records options in any language.  Previously, there were spacing and wrapping issues for some languages.

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