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WorldShare Collection Manager release notes, July 2020


Release Date: July 7, 2020


This release of WorldShare Collection Manager provides the following enhancements to WorldCat data sync collections:

  • Reports have been greatly improved and expanded for bibliographic collections and delete WorldCat holdings collections
  • New formats supported for processing bibliographic collections and delete WorldCat holdings collections
  • Matching has been improved when users provide OCLC numbers

These enhancements are the direct result of your feedback.

NOTE: In order to take advantage of these new enhancements, your institution will need to be transitioned to the new OCLC file exchange servers.  If you have already made this transition, or if you use My Files, then no action is needed.  However, if you currently use SFTP to deliver/retrieve files from OCLC, please take action to transition to the new account


Improved data sync reports

For bibliographic collections and delete WorldCat holdings collections, reports have been completely revamped to be more comprehensive, precise, and more informative of processing activities.  Reporting is now split into three categories: bibliographic processing; holdings processing, and local bibliographic data (LBD) processing.  These reports will be delivered in separate pipe delimited files, which allows you greater flexibility for consuming the data in a variety of ways.

Each report follows a naming convention that will allow you to easily identify the type of report and the original file the report represents. Reports will be delivered to My Files and your OCLC file exchange account.

The bibliographic cross reference report and the bibliographic unresolved report will continue to be delivered in tab delimited format, with updated filenames to conform with the new file naming conventions.

For additional details, see our updated documentation.

New formats

For bibliographic collections and delete WorldCat holdings collections, we support additional formats to give you more options when completing your data sync collection workflow.  You can now submit your files in MARCXML, and support for files in ONIX 3.0 or higher are in development and coming soon.  Submitting the new file formats follows the same workflow as you have previously performed for existing formats.

 Note: As of December 2020, WorldShare Collection Manager can now accept your files in the ONIX 3.0 schema for WorldCat data sync collections. This provides another option when completing your data sync collection workflows for bibliographic and delete WorldCat holdings collections. Submitting the ONIX file format follows the same workflow that you have previously performed for existing formats, which includes MARC 21 and MARCXML.

ONIX 3.0 is the international standard for representing and communicating book industry product information in electronic form.  The ONIX  XML-based standard improves OCLC’s ability to serve libraries, publishers, retailers, and their supply chain partners.

Improved matching

When you designate OCLC number location(s) in the collection setup for bibliographic collections or delete WorldCat holdings collections, processing will use this information to identify your provided OCLC number within your records.  The first OCLC number identified in your data will be used to target that specific record within WorldCat.  To ensure proper handling, OCLC will do additional verification of material type and comparison of title.  The benefit is more accurate matching of your metadata to the most appropriate record in WorldCat. While the matching process has always used this setting, it now plays a larger role in identifying the best record.  When no OCLC number is provided, or if a provided OCLC number does not pass the verification steps, we will continue to attempt to match based on the combined metadata within the record.

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