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Collection History in Cataloging partner collections

Find information about using the Collection History in Cataloging partner collections.

Access the Collection History

To view the Collection History for Cataloging partner collections:

  1. Navigate to the WorldShare interface > Metadata tab > Collection Manager.
  2. Select Collection as the Data Type and My Selected Collections as the Scope to search across your library-specific collections that you have created or selected.
  3. In the Search Term(s) field, enter your terms or leave the field empty.
  4. Click Search.
  5. From the search results, use the Filter by drop-down to select Cataloging partner collection.
  6. Open the desired collection.
  7. Select the Collection History accordion to view the activity history for the specific collection.

Collection History 

Cataloging partner collections can be deleted. When deleted, the change will show in the main Collection Manager Activity History.

From the Collection History screen, you can filter by the following options:

  • Activity Date
  • Collection Created
  • Collection Updated

The Collection History screen includes the following columns: 

Activity Date [Sortable] Change Source
[Date][Time] Collection Created Your Institution Name (or Staff Name, if enabled)

Collection Updated

  • Collection Name Updated
  • MARC Delivery Enabled
  • MARC Delivery Disabled
  • WorldCat Holdings Enabled
  • WorldCat Holdings Disabled
Your Institution Name (or Staff Name, if enabled)

Search the Activity History for Cataloging partner collections

Search the Activity History to see actions taken on Cataloging partner collections.

  1. Navigate to the Metadata tab > Collection Manager.
  2. Select Activity History from the Data Type drop-down menu.
  3. Select My Institution's History as the Scope to search across your library-specific collections that you have created or selected.
  4. In the Search Term(s) field, enter your terms or leave the field empty to return all Activity History.
  5. Click Search.
  6. Use the Filter by drop-down and select Collection Type.  
  7. Select Cataloging partner collection.

Search results will be ordered with the most recent activity first.  Activities are tracked for 90 days.

Download a detailed report

This report will be a KBART file containing all of the titles from the provider data load. The ACTION column will describe how the title changed.

ACTION values in KBART file     Definition
new A new title was added.
updated_old Title data was updated; Previous data.
updated_new Title data was updated; Updated data.
deleted The title was deleted.