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Hierarchy display

Find out what information the DDC hierarchy display provides in WebDewey.
  • Below the caption, each WebDewey record contains a representation of the number's position in the DDC hierarchy. Records for manual entries do not contain a hierarchy display.
  • The hierarchy display shows the selected number, the hierarchy of broader class numbers that contain it (up to the main class or the table introduction record), and the first level of narrower classes subordinate to it.
  • One or more numbers in the hierarchy display will end in zero(s) that appear gray rather than black. The gray zeros indicate levels in the DDC hierarchy. Two gray zeros indicate that a number belongs to the top level of the DDC hierarchy: the 10 main classes, or first summary. One gray zero indicates that a number belongs to the 100 divisions, or second summary. Three-digit numbers in which all digits appear black belong to the 1,000 sections, or third summary.
  • A built number appears in a hierarchy only when it is the subject of the record or is parallel to the subject of the record. Built numbers never appear in the upward or downward portions of hierarchies for other class numbers.