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Learn how a caption defines the subject or subdivision a DDC number represents in WebDewey.

For each DDC number in the schedules, tables, and manual, a caption (heading) defines the subject or subdivision that number represents. For built numbers, the caption given is the first Relative Index term (in alphabetic order) associated with that number. Therefore, if a built number contains more than one Relative Index term, note all the Relative Index terms associated to it; all associated Relative Index terms can apply to that number, not merely the alphabetically first Relative Index term associated to the built number in its caption.  

  • Footnoted captions. Captions preceded by an asterisk, dagger, and/or double dagger contain footnotes. In most cases, footnotes explain how to create a more specific class number by adding notation.
  • Captions with ellipses. Captions that end with ellipses occur only in records for built numbers. Built numbers do not appear in the DDC schedules but are constructed according to add instructions stated or implied in the schedules or tables. WebDewey uses the associated Relative Index term as the caption for a built number. If multiple Relative Index terms are associated with a built number, the first term in alphabetical order appears as the caption, followed by ellipses. (Ellipses, which also appear in browse results, indicate that more than one Relative Index term is associated to a given built number.)