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Quick search or browse from record or results screen

Learn how to perform a quick search or browse and view your search history in WebDewey.
  • A Quick Search/Quick Browse form appears at the top of each search results screen and browse results screen.
     Note: The Quick Search/Quick Browse form is not available in user notes.
  • Use Quick Search/Quick Browse to find WebDewey records without returning to the Search WebDewey screen or the Browse WebDewey screen.
  • Within each session, the text box retains the last query you performed from Quick Search or Quick Browse. When the query yields no results, the query is retained and automatically selected (highlighted), ready for you to repeat the previous query, revise it, or enter a new query.
  • Search History window. To view and reuse previous searches or browse queries performed via Quick Search/Quick Browse, click Search History or press <Alt><=>.
  • The Search History window for Quick Search/Quick Browse does not list searches performed from the Search WebDewey screen or browse queries performed from the Browse WebDewey screen.

 Note: Separate search histories exist for the following: Quick Search/Quick Browse area, Search WebDewey screen, Browse WebDewey screen, and Search WebDewey User Notes screen.

Quick search/Quick browse function How to use
Start quick search
  1. Select an index and type 1 or more term(s) in the text box.
  2. Click Quick Search or press <Enter>.
Start quick browse
  1. Click the option button labeled Browse.
  2. Select an index and type 1 or more term(s) in the text box.
  3. Click Quick Browse or press <Enter>.
Repeat last search or browse To repeat the retained query, click Quick Search or Quick Browse or press <Enter>.
Enter new search or browse To replace the text of the retained query, select the retained text and start typing the text of the new query.
Revise last search or browse To revise the retained query, select the retained text and then press the left or right arrow key to move to the beginning or end of the query text. Then begin editing.
Refine a Quick Search that retrieves no records If a Quick Search query retrieves 0 records, Connexion redisplays the screen from which you entered the Quick Search. Replace or revise the (highlighted) query. Then click Quick Search or press <Enter>.
Open Search History window In the Quick Search/Quick Browse area, click Search History or press <Alt><=>.
List of previous search/browse queries For each listed search or browse, the window shows
  • Search type: Dewey Quick Search/Browse
  • Timestamp: Date and time the search was performed.
  • Search/browse criteria: Indicates Search or Browse, shows selected index and query term(s).
Repeat a previous search or browse Click Repeat. Connexion immediately performs the selected search.
Revise a previous search or browse Click Revise. Connexion enters the selected search or browse query in the Quick Search/Quick Browse area.
Clear search history Click Clear History (at the top of the Search History window).
Close the Search History window Click Close (at the top of the Search History window).