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WebDewey search tips

Learn how to find a DDC number in a local library catalog, table numbers, and literary period tables in WebDewey.

Find a DDC number in local library catalog

  • When a search for a DDC number retrieves no records, you can try the search in your local library catalog. By searching the call number index of your OPAC, you can learn whether your collection contains items classed under this number.
  • Use the OPAC Options on the Dewey Services Options screen to specify the URL required to access your local catalog and search the call number index. On the General tab, click Admin; at the Preferences screen, click Dewey Services Options.
  • Once you set up the link to your OPAC, the No Records Found screen includes a button labeled Search OPAC for Dewey Number. Click the button (or press <Alt></>) to retry the unsuccessful DDC number search in your local catalog. Example: Your catalog may contain a built number not available in Dewey Services.

Find table numbers

  • To find a record for a DDC table number, you must enter 2 hyphens to separate the table number from the rest of the number.
  • Type the table number (for example t1). Then type 2 hyphens ( --). Then type the remaining digits of the number you want (for example, 071). Do not type a space between the table number and the first hyphen, or between the second hyphen and the final digits of the number. Example: t1--071  

Find literary period tables

Literary period tables are found in the Notes area of particular schedule records. The following searches are effective for locating these tables:

  • To retrieve all available literary period tables, search the All Dewey index using the search query period table* (using the asterisk to match either table or tables).
  • To find literary period tables for a specific literature or language, include the name of the literature in the search query. For example, the following searches retrieve records containing period tables for specific literatures: period table* german or period table* hungarian or period table* hindi.

 Note: If a search for literary period tables for a particular literature yields no results, you may have given a different name for the literature than is used in DDC; or the literature may have no period table.