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WebDewey search history

Learn how to use the search history window to view previous searches, repeat a previous search, and more in WebDewey.

Use the Search History window to

  • View your previous 30 searches.
  • Repeat a previous search.
  • Revise a previous search.

Previous searches are associated with your authorization number and are retained between Connexion sessions. The search history is not cleared when you log off.

 Note: Separate search histories exist for the following: Quick Search/Quick Browse area, Search WebDewey screen, Browse WebDewey screen, and Search WebDewey User Notes screen.


Search history function How to use
Open Search History window Click SEARCH HISTORY from one of the following:
  • Advanced Search screen
  • Browse screen
  • Comments Screen
List of previous searches For each listed search, the window shows:
  • Search type: Dewey.
  • Timestamp: Date and time the search was performed.
  • Search criteria: All terms and specified indexes.
Repeat a previous search Click Repeat. Connexion immediately performs the selected search.
Revise a previous search Click Revise. Connexion displays the Search WebDewey screen. The selected search is ready for revision.
Clear search history Click Clear History (at the top of the Search History window).
Close the Search History window Click Close (at the top of the Search History window).